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The Real Reason for the Season

“The fastest way to forget that Christ is the reason for the season is by not spending time with Him.”

When I see Merry X-mas in the media and store windows, my first thought is, really? If 'X' stands for an unknown factor, why are we even celebrating Christmas since we don’t know the real reason for the season is Jesus Christ? Perhaps retailers and marketers insert the X because they want to eliminate Christ from Christmas?

Can you believe that we are already counting the days to Christmas while we are all probably wondering, “what happened to the past eleven months?” Do you too, have an uneasy feeling that you’ve missed something?

Just like the past 11 months, Christmas can come and go without our feet ever touching the ground. It’s easy to lose focus at this time of year. That’s why we, as busy, Christian moms, need to become ‘grounded’ and stay in touch with our feelings and spiritual values during this period. The reality is that if we don't make time to spend with Christ - this special season can easily become Christ-miss or Christ-less, as the 'X' in X-mas indicates!

Let your light shine so bright that people are drawn to you!

Jesus came to earth as the 'Light of the world' (Jn 8v12). He came to pave the way for us to have a personal (direct) relationship with God the Father. It’s so amazing that the Son of God was ridiculed, second-guessed, put out of the synagogue, yet His light never stopped shining brightly wherever He went. No wonder people were awed by him and flocked to catch a glimpse of him and listen to His teachings.

I think of one lady in particular, who instinctively knew if she could only touch the hem of His robe (Mark 5v 25-34), she would tap into that glorious Light! From being bowed down under a 12-year burden of severe physical, financial, and emotional oppression, she probably jumped and skipped all the way home after being touched by Jesus. Imagine being made whole physically, mentally, emotionally in an instant! Her soul and spirit must have soared with inexpressible joy!

Remembering all that Jesus has done for us is one way to let our light shine this season. Can you recount all that He has done for you? Has he provided for you? Healed you? Answered your prayers?

Remembering ALL that He has done for us helps our minds stay in an attitude of deep gratitude, love, and humility.

Here are a few more practical tips to prepare your heart and mind for Christ to fill you with His Peace, Joy, and Love. Allow His glorious Light to fill your soul so that you can be a beam of light to others during this Christmas season!

Actively listening is an act of love

Sometimes, letting our light shine is by being there for those around us who struggle this time of year. Many people face a bleak holiday season as they may have lost a loved one while some may be lonely or struggle with sickness in their bodies.

As we gather with family and friends, we will be allowed an opportunity to listen to others' problems and challenges they're facing. You can respond in two different ways:

  • Try not to compare your struggles with the ones they are experiencing, even if you have had similar incidences.

  • Instead, only listen attentively and caringly to what the other person is saying without thinking of a response or the need to offer advice.

  • If ever there was a way to reflect the Light and Love of Jesus Christ, it is by being fully present, mind, soul, body, and spirit, and truly listening to someone else’s story with empathy and without judgment.

Be present and embrace each moment

I’m sure you’ve often heard this said in leadership and motivational seminars, “be present, embrace the moment.” But it's true, our brain is constantly engaged in future activities, and we lose touch with the present time.

Yet, we are not promised tomorrow. Proverbs 27v1 says, “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.”

It is natural for us to plan and visualize how our family gatherings should work out over Christmas. However, if it doesn’t materialize the way we want, it can lead to disappointment. Learn to let it flow! In my experience, our best Christmases happen when we manage our own expectations or have little or no expectations at all.

Activate your five senses

Slowing down to activate all five senses that God gave you is a wonderful way to have a deeper perception of the sights, sounds, and tastes of the holiday season.

  • Smell the season’s fragrances wafting through the air,

  • Relish every sip and flavor of that first cup of morning coffee,

  • Appreciate and hug your loved ones and do something spontaneous and carefree together,

  • Hang the Christmas decorations and sparkling lights with love and care,

  • Listen and sing along with the timeless Christmas songs, “Silent night, Holy night..,” and all worry and anxieties will simply fade away as you are filled with a new sense of awe, purpose, and joy.

Remember our Savior

I know we are all busy with kids and parties and shopping and all the things surrounding the Christmas season. But one thing I try and do is get up early in the morning and spend a few minutes in the Word. It does not have to be a long study. Some days I just read a verse or two and tell God how grateful I am for having Him in my life.

I have a few friends who read a verse or two in the evening after everyone has retired to bed at night. The point is to spend a little quiet time to reflect and remember WHY Christ was born.

Thank Him for coming down to earth and being born as a vulnerable, frail baby so that He could one day pay the price for our sins.

Remember Christ’s death on Calvary’s cross and the suffering He endured to save us from the power of darkness.

Thank Him for picking up the broken pieces of our lives and lovingly piecing them together again.

Meditate on sections of scripture

Meditating on the Word means to take a section of scripture - say, the story of the birth of Christ in the Gospels of Matthew or Luke - and read it mindfully.

Focus on each sentence, its meaning, and ask God to reveal new insights you may have missed before.

Then, with the scripture firmly rooted in your spirit, pray for those who are lost, emotionally wounded, hurting, and alone.

Pray for those who do not yet know Jesus Christ to have an encounter with the Savior.

Thank Jesus for His unconditional love and His promise to be with us always, and never to leave us.

Speak words that breathe life

I know it's not always easy, but if we can 'bite our tongue' before saying something hurtful or discouraging, we honor God.

If we can let our words be gracious, uplifting and not disparaging in any way, we are demonstrating the love of Jesus.

And, if we can serve one another in humility and not out of false piety, we are mirroring the life of Jesus Christ to the world around us.

Are you ready to enjoy your best Christmas?

I’d like to invite you to a free 20-minute call to discuss anything that you feel is holding you back from enjoying true quality time with family and close friends this Christmas season.

Schedule your free session now to enjoy your best Christmas season yet!

See you soon,



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Very well written Roanna, have a wonderful and loving Christmas season. Sending you and your sweet family lots of hugs.

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