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50 Ways to Boost Intimacy In Your Marriage

Hey there,

Have you ever heard Paul Simon's "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover"? It's quite the catchy tune, isn't it? But did you know it holds a nugget of wisdom about making marriages work, too?

You see, the ultimate takeaway from that song is about making a decision and then taking action. Whether it's about leaving or loving, the decision you make is crucial. Once that decision is clear, there are 50 ways you could go about it.

Now, you're here because you want to improve your marriage, right?

That's great—you know what you want. But the real question is: HOW? How will you restore your marriage?

Here's the truth: It happens through actions.

You can't talk your way out of a situation you behaved yourself into. Action is key.

So, let's talk about those actions.

I want you to take the "Talk More, Touch More" challenge within the next 24 hours.

It involves two simple things:

  • A 60-second positive chat (Talk More) and

  • A loving physical gesture (Touch More) with your spouse.

You don't need their cooperation; just take that step!

I've worked with individuals like Cindy (not her real name), who initially resisted these small steps, believing they wouldn't make a difference. But here's what I've learned: small, consistent actions can transform marriages.

The reality? You can't microwave-fix a marriage.

There's no quick solution or magic trick. It's about committing to small, consistent efforts over time.

Remember the days when you'd just talk? Not about chores, bills, or schedules—just talking for the sake of it. That's where the magic lies. Sharing dreams, fears, jokes, or experiences can reignite that spark.

Now, let's not leave you hanging! I've compiled a list of 50 ways to talk and touch. Don't feel overwhelmed; choose just 2 and make a change within the next 24 hours.

You be the one to take that first step!

Here's my list, but feel free to pick what resonates with you:

  1. Show faith in a decision your spouse made.

  2. Share dessert using one spoon.

  3. Sing "your song" from your dating days to your spouse.

  4. Surprise your spouse with a kiss at their workplace or home.

  5. Play footsie while sitting together.

  6. Learn a new joke and share it with your spouse.

  7. Ask genuinely about your spouse's day and listen attentively.

  8. Kiss your spouse when waking up.

  9. Share a goodnight kiss before sleep.

  10. Gently caress your spouse's hand.

  11. Offer a loving touch on your spouse's cheek or hand while driving.

  12. Massage your spouse's shoulders.

  13. Sit on your spouse's lap, or have them sit on yours.

  14. Compliment something your spouse is wearing.

  15. Surprise your spouse with a call just to let them know you're thinking of them.

  16. Give a neck or shoulder massage to your spouse.

  17. Share an intriguing story from your day or the news.

  18. Dance together before dinner, just for fun.

  19. Express to your spouse that you'd choose them again if you could.

  20. Share a concern and thank your spouse for their support.

  21. Play with your spouse's hair while chatting in bed.

  22. Fall asleep while holding hands.

  23. Remind your spouse to drive safely when they leave the house.

  24. Call your spouse during work hours to share news.

  25. Have a playful tickle session.

  26. Apologize sincerely for a recent mistake.

  27. List three ways your spouse has positively impacted your life.

  28. Compliment your favorite physical feature of your spouse.

  29. Play a game and enjoy some laughter.

  30. Share your feelings when your spouse isn't aware you're watching.

  31. Voice what you admire most about your spouse.

  32. Recall and laugh about a memorable moment together.

  33. Thank your spouse for being there during a tough time.

  34. Find reasons to casually touch your spouse when in the same room.

  35. Look through your wedding album together and reminisce.

  36. Hold hands under the table during a meal.

  37. Gently move your partner's hair away from their eyes.

  38. Adjust your partner's tie or attire with love.

  39. Button or zip up your partner's clothing, showing affection.

  40. Hold hands

  41. Share a kiss in an elevator when no one's looking.

  42. Express confidence in your spouse's ability to overcome a challenge.

  43. Listen to your spouse's worries and ask how you can help.

  44. Prepare your spouse's lunch for the day and deliver it with a kiss.

  45. Look into your spouse's eye and say," I really love you."

  46. Turn off your spouse's alarm clock and wake them up with a gentle massage.

  47. Kiss the back of your spouse's neck while they're reading or doing the dishes.

  48. Express your excitement about seeing your spouse again before parting.

  49. Offer an extra hug for no specific reason.

  50. Cuddle up close while sleeping next to your spouse.

Remember, small steps pave the path to significant changes. Are you ready for the "Talk More, Touch More" challenge? Start nurturing your marriage, one small step at a time. 💫💕

Warm regards,



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