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About Roanna

"I knew that
Life Coaching was my
calling, and that I
wanted to help other
women through their
journey of  self-love
and self-confidence."

My Story


By nature I am a self help book junkie, and had done many Bible-based book studies.  But still I struggled.  And then one day I discovered Master Coach Instructor Brook Castillo.  She had my full attention, when she said “I can help you solve any problem.”  I started following her podcasts, and within a few weeks I was feeling better. Not long after that, I joined her program and spent the next 12 months studying and, being coached by her trained coaches, putting her methods into practice. It truly was life changing.

After I had completed her school, I knew that life coaching was my calling and that I wanted to help other women through their journey to self-love and self-confidence.  If you are willing to allow me to come along beside you and essentially be your handyman/woman, we can tackle all of your life improvements projects together.   Whether, it's losing weight, or finding the time, in your busy life to follow through with those, someday I’m going to …..(Fill in the blank) dreams, I can help you realize what is holding you back, and also help move forward.

What I know now that I didn’t know before I embraced the world of life coaching, is that having a coach like me plays an essential part when trying to successfully apply newly taught principals.  Singers have voice coaches; athletes have athletic coaches because they understand the value in having a coach that can train them to be their best. People who want to live their life to the fullest hire life coaches.


It makes all the difference.