About Roanna

"I knew that
life coaching was my
calling, and that I
wanted to help other
women end their
struggle with self -doubt
guilt and shame."

My Story


By nature, I am a self-help book junkie and I have done and led many Bible-based book studies.  But still, I struggled. And then one day I discovered Master Coach Instructor Brook Castillo. She had my full attention when she said: “I can help you solve any problem.” I started following her podcasts, and within a few weeks, I was feeling better. Not long after that, I enrolled in her program and spent the next 12 months studying and, being coached by her trained coaches, putting her methods into practice. It truly was life-changing. 

After I had completed her school, I knew that life coaching was my calling and that I wanted to help other Christian women end their struggle with self-doubt, guilt, and shame. If you are willing to allow me to come along beside you and essentially be your handyman/woman, we can tackle all of your life improvement projects together. I can help you realize

what is holding you back, and also help move forward.

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