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Don't Take My  Word For it

Take Theirs. 

Thanks to Roanna Rhodes, I've learned how to constrain. I was creating confusion in my life by wanting to do everything at the same time and at once and she gently showed me how to make my life more simple. In fact, she helped me see I was indulging in overwhelm when it was completely unnecessary. So instead of feeling scattered and not achieving anything valuable in my life, I decided to get the results I most wanted. To do that I just needed to decide that I would take one step at a time. Thus I focused on one goal and gave it my all. 

I really liked the way Roanna paid attention to what I wanted and what I was saying, but never in a judgmental way. She was 100% dedicated to me during our sessions together. 

I also liked how creative she was when teaching me about various concepts.​

Thank you Roanna!

-Nadege S.


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