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Are you struggling to create the life you want?

Then you're in the right place. 

I'm here to guide you through family struggles. 
I'm here to walk with you through your marriage hardships. 

It's always
about the journey.

Roanna Rhodes Life Coach
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we will navigate your journey. 

It's no accident our paths have crossed.

You're here because you are ready to discover what is possible. 

When clients come to me they want to know if ...

I can help them build stronger relationships? YES!

I can help them learn to be more confident? YES!

I can show them how to feel less stressed, worried, overwhelmed, and anxious? YES!

I can show them how to make time for yourself (without feeling guilty)? YES!

I can show them how to control the negative chatter in your mind? YES!


I'm Roanna 

 I have helped others just like yourself, and now I can help you too! 
By nature, I am a self-development book junkie, but still, I struggled. And then one day I discovered coaching. Not long after that, I knew that life coaching was my calling and that I wanted to help others with these transformational life skills.

If you are ready to change your life for the better it would be my honor to help you. 
Roanna Rhodes C.L.C
Christian Life Coach 


we'll work together! 

Life-altering transformation occurs when we are taught HOW to examine our thoughts in a safe 

non-judgmental environment 

I provide that environment for you. 
All meetings are confidential. 
All meetings are conducted in my virtual office on Zoom. 
A Renewed Mind + A Transformed Heart = Freedom 
What my clients are saying....

I didn’t know what to expect when I went on my first coaching session with Roanna. But right away I could tell she was very kind, patient, and smart. I can talk to Roanna about anything without feeling judged and she’s helped me work through everything.

We should work together if...
You are tired of second-guessing your self. 
You know you need help. 
You think something is broken. 
You are hesitant to confide in others and ask for help. 
You know God has a plan for you. 

I was exactly where you are right now and

I know exactly how
to help you

Get Useful Tips

For Improving Your Life

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