Are you a Christian woman struggling to be happy?

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Have you ever felt like if life was a tool box, then you were a few tools short of getting the job done?  If that is where you find yourself today, my friend, I would like to share my story with you and offer you some hope.


In the tool box of life, communication, self integrity and self confidence are just a few of the necessary tools. However, I was nothing short of a hot mess when I found myself in a particular season without these tools. Although, I had everything I had ever hoped and prayed for, a loving husband, healthy kids, and a nice home,   I was simply not happy. I tried to fill my unhappiness with overeating, with busyness and with material things. 


I knew something was missing but I did not have a clue on where to go to find it.



"I didn’t know what to expect when I went on my first coaching session with Roanna. But right away I could tell she was very kind, patient, and smart. I can talk to Roanna about anything without feeling judged and she’s helped me work through everything. In these coaching sessions I’ve learned to help myself emotionally instead of depending on others to make me feel better. I’ve learned how to make decisions on my own. Most importantly I learned how to change the way I think and that-- is life changing.

Roanna, thank you for being an amazing and talented woman dedicated to helping others like me let their own light shine."

-Nickele S. 

"Roanna exceeded every expectation that I had about what a life coach would be. She listens to me explain what I'm struggling with without any form of judgment and talks me through solutions on how to not just solve my struggles, but to alter my thoughts in a positive way. She is so wise and her skills have helped me learn so much about myself. Her methods have allowed me to be more self aware, empowered, and confident in who I am. SHE IS THE BEST"

-Ariana S.

"I've been working with Roanna and her program for several months now, and  I felt the difference in my mentality & approach to my daily life from the first session.
If you have an open mind and are ready to work on improving yourself, Roanna is ready to help.  She is non-judgmental, very clear in her advice and assignments, and truly a great listener.  Her program has helped me change my "self-talk" to be more positive, and I've already used her advice to get through difficult life situations.
Get ready for great things to happen. I’ve never been more excited about my future. I wish I did this years ago."
Thank you Roanna!!
-Suzie R.

"Thanks to Roanna Rhodes, I've learnt how to constrain. I was creating confusion in my life by wanting to do everything at the same time and at once and she gently showed me how to make my life more simple. In fact, she helped me see I was indulging in overwhelm when it was completely unnecessary. So instead of feeling scattered and not achieving anything valuable in my life, I decided to get the results I most wanted. To do that I just needed to decide that I would take one step at a time. Thus I focused on one goal and gave it my all. 


I really liked the way Roanna paid attention to what I wanted and what I was saying, but never in a judgmental way. She was 100% dedicated to me during our sessions together. 

I also liked how creative she was when teaching me about various concepts.

Thank you Roanna!" 

-Nadege S.

Several months ago, I attended a vision board workshop with Roanna, and I expected to have a nice time while making a collage of anything and everything that interested me. At least that was how I had made vision boards in the past. But instead of just passing out magazines and scissors, Roanna started the workshop with goal setting. She had us write SMART goals and actually come up with specific aims to depict on our vision boards. Rather than holding a smattering of random nice images, my board spoke directly to one of my most important goals, and because we had begun with planning, it was based on actions that could help me achieve it. 


Well, I’m writing this testimonial from France, which is exactly where my vision board led me. Honing in on specific goals before beginning the process made it clear what I really wanted. And I also did have a nice time at that workshop!

-Cary W.

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