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Who Do I Coach

Who Do I Coach??

The shorter “Sparks Notes” answer to the above question is that my client base consists of a wide variety of amazing women.

However, the longer more detailed answer is this…

I coach Moms who are tired of yelling at their kids. Speaking of moms, I coach stay at home moms as well as working moms.

I coach women who are tired of feeling fat and help facilitate them through a successful weight loss program.

I coach women who are tired of feeling overwhelmed because they do not realize how much or why they are giving to everyone else but themselves.

I coach women who want to know how to organize their homes, their time, and their thoughts. So, they can accomplish more.

I coach women who want to grow in self-confidence, self- love and


I coach women who want to feel better overall, both physically and mentally.

I coach women who know that our heavenly father has a plan and a purpose for them and they want to live out that plan.

I coach women who believe they should be living in freedom but don’t know how to start.

Some of my clients have went to Harvard, and others have not finished high school.

I coach from a place of love and non-judgment because, well, I think you have judged yourself long enough and it has not helped you one bit.

Freedom, Hope, Health, and Healing is what I can help my clients find.

Are you willing to be brave and try something new? Are you ready to change?

book a free mini session.


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