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You Matter

Your happiness is important, and finding it is your responsibility.

Some circumstances will impact your happiness

But it is important to understand that things outside of you do not cause your happiness.

Happiness comes from a thought.

Some things will be outside of your control.

Don't spend your time focusing on things you cannot control.

Instead, focus on the things you have power over.

Concentrate on the things you can control.

Concentrate on finding happiness.

If you seek to be unhappy, I promise you, you will find it.

But the opposite is also true.

Seek happiness.

Seek gratitude

It is not the responsibility of anyone else to make you happy.

It is your job to make yourself happy.

This is not self-centered.

This is not a splurge.

This is your responsibility.

Here is a hint

Learn to have self-compassion.

When you can learn to be more compassionate towards yourself,

you become more helpful to others.

Genuine happiness is not self-centered


Genuine joy is patient, forgiving, and generous.

Fear and unhappiness fuel selfishness.

Find what makes you happy.

This is your responsibility, and it is the best gift you can give yourself and those you love.

See you next week,



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