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What does worry create?

What does worry create? It is probably the last thing you ask yourself when you are in a moment of uncertainty and worried about something.


The truth is being in a state of worry does not help us to have peace, find solutions, or make our best action plan. 

I like to remind myself that 

99% of what I worry about won't happen. And that worry only pretends to be necessary.

Worry can be a distraction from doing what needs to be done, 

or from making a choice that needs to be made.

 Worry can keep us in a state of mental confusion. 

When I feel myself start to worry, I ask myself a few questions.

Am I safe right now? 

Most of the time, we are safe in the current moment when worry begins.

If you are safe, acknowledge that you are safe and nothing has happened. Acknowledge you are having thoughts that are causing you to worry. You have the power to direct your brain elsewhere.

Who can talk I talk to about this?

 Fear can multiply during our silence. Bringing our worries into the light, and talking about them will minimize their effect on us. 

Find someone who can pray with you and for you. 

God is always listening to our concerns. We can share them ALL with Him, no matter how big or small.  

Am I practicing gratitude?

Research shows that being grateful releases serotonin and dopamine (two feel-good hormones) and reduces stress hormones, all of which significantly reduces worry. Keep a gratitude rant journal. Write down 25 things you are grateful for every day, making sure every day you name 25 new items.

What is one scripture I can recite that will ease worries?

 Fill your mind with the Word and remember God is always working on your behalf.

All of these questions and techniques help you to redirect your mind by taking our thoughts off the problem. The goal is to turn down the negative volume in our minds and turn up the positive volume.

Download your free scripture cards in the link below.

Are you still feeling stuck? Want help sorting out your particular problem?

A coaching session will help you sort your thoughts and give you clarity. 

Book a free 20-minute session with me, and let's get you to a better space.


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