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Tuesday Truth Bombs- May 5 2020

If worrying, never solved any problems, why do we keep worrying? Intererlectualy, we know the statement is accurate. Yet when faced with a circumstance out of our control, worry is where our brains naturally take us. What if's appear, and every negative possibility floods our minds. Worry pretends to be necessary. It keeps our brains busy trying to solve our problems in an unforeseen future. I use to say, "I will plan for the worst and hope for the best." It seems like an excellent, though. It made me feel like I have all my bases covered. However, while planning for the worst, I missed out on what happened in the present. These days I plan for the best to happen. I spend my time thinking about how I can make the best things happen for me and others. And if the worst happens, I know that God is with me, God's wisdom is in me and God will guide me through it. These days I think, "I will know exactly what to do when I need to do it." Feel free to borrow any of my thoughts. God is with you. God will guide you. God's wisdom is in you. If you find yourself worry looping and can't seem to stop, you can schedule a free 20 minute how to worry less session with me. Go to


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