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Need A Tune-Up?

Hi Friend!

Do you get down on yourself? Do you feel undervalued? Maybe Unappreciated? Struggling in these situations can be a sign that your relationship with yourself needs some work.

Two signs that your relationship with yourself needs a tune-up.

You have a lack of compassion for yourself.

When you make a mistake, can you forgive yourself? Can you be kind to yourself? When we lack understanding for ourselves, it compounds stressful situations making them worse.

When you learn to be compassionate with yourself, you can better cope with stress in your life and push through difficulties that you encounter.

A helpful exercise is to write a compassionate letter to yourself.

Some people show compassion to themselves by saying statements that affirm them. Below are some you can try for yourself.

You are beautiful

You are worthy

You are deserving of love.

You are forgiven.

No matter what you choose in life, it will be ok.

You are loved.

You are bright.

You are amazing.

You can finish strong.

You made the best decision you knew to make at the time.

You ignore yourself

Taking care of the inner you is essential to establishing a healthy relationship with yourself. Life can be busy but not having a daily routine to take care of your emotional well-being will result in a lack of connection and understanding with yourself. When we do not understand ourselves, it is difficult to express our needs, wants, and desires to others. This is the cause of many people feeling dissatisfied with their lives.

Commit to making time to listen to yourself every day.

Acknowledge how you are feeling and the things you want to accomplish. Take time to appreciate yourself and all the things that you are doing.

Celebrate whatever wins you have each day, big or small.

Your relationship with others will mirror the relationship you have with yourself. When you can be compassionate and loving to yourself, you will love and appreciate those around you even more. See you next week Roanna


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