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I had a fantastic coaching session this week.

My client was in indecision.

She didn't want to decide because of fear.

Usually, I would encourage her to feel fear. Then, I would walk her through how to process the fear through her body.

But she didn't want to. She was resisting the fear, and it was keeping her stuck.

She was afraid of what someone else might think or do.

She was scared of what would happen.

I recommended she make an inside decision.

The truth was, she had known what she wanted all along.

A still, small voice was telling her which way to go.

She just was not ready to act on it yet.

She was telling herself she hadn't because she wasn't ready to act on it.

We don't have to act immediately on decisions we make.

We get to decide, and then we get to choose when we want to take action.

Our power is in making the decision and owning it.

The weaker stance is telling ourselves we don't know—when we do.

Have a beautiful week.



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