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How to Have a Horrible Day

Hi Friend,

Sometimes people lie, don’t take responsibility for their actions

or they don’t follow through with their promises.

When this happens, I feel frustrated and angry. My mind races with thoughts like,

“Why can't people tell the truth?”

“Why can't people take responsibility and admit when they’ve wronged or hurt me?”

“Why can't people's yes be yes and their no be no?”

These types of questions are unfortunately not very useful. They don't move me from a place of anger or frustration to a place of peace, love, or understanding.

When we are mad or frustrated, we are the only ones feeling the weight of those negative emotions in our bodies.

We are the ones who feel the tightening in our shoulders, the clenching in our jaws, and experience loss of sleep.

I used to have many days like that until my coach pointed out to me that I was actually creating those sensations in my body by asking myself helpful questions but arguing with reality.

Anytime we argue with reality, we lose!

Sometimes people lie.

Some people are not responsible.

Some people make promises but don’t keep them.

And then she told me something that I’ve never forgotten.

She said, "Sometimes someone else’s best may be our version of awful."

Remembering this has helped me to have more compassion for others.

When we have more compassion for others, we can move to a place of forgiveness for them. As a result, it will help bring us to a place of acceptance, peace, and understanding.

Friend, have you been struggling to forgive someone? Do you need someone to come alongside you and help move past an offense – just as I did long ago?

I want to assure you that you don’t need to battle through this alone. I would love to help you find the solutions to your problems so that you can experience more inner peace and happiness.

Please take advantage of my free 20-minute session. It’s the best gift to yourself this year.

Click the link below to schedule an appointment.

See you soon,



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