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Hi Friend!

What did you put in your brain today? The news? Your Facebook feed? Think about it? What did you read, listen to, and watch? What goes into our minds has a direct effect on our emotions and our behavior. If you're feeling sad, depressed, anxious, ask yourself, "What did I feed my brain today?" Garbage in will be garbage out. Your life will reflect your thoughts. If you must watch the news, then give your brain an equal amount of time to laugh and be encouraged. Watch positive Ted Talks. Listen to positive podcasts. Surround yourself with positive people. Medatate on postive Scriptures. Put into your mind what it needs to create the life you want. Do you want to feel better? Do you want to have a life different than the one you currently have? If so you must develop more awareness around your thought life.

See you next week,

P.S. I have created a Free PDF to show you the basic steps of managing your mind. It's a quick and straightforward 5 step process to help you begin to feel better. Click to download your free copy of 5 Steps to Taking Your Thought Captive.


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