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Happy New Year!

I know I'm A little late, but there is a purpose in my delay.

Did you know studies show that by the third week of January the majority of people have given up their New Years' resolution?

And this is where the intention in my delay comes in: If you set a goal or made a resolution at the beginning of the year this is the time it starts getting hard.

Now is when you need some strategies and maybe a little encouragement to keep you going.

Have you given up?

Here are three tips to help you stay the course.

One reason we quit is that we believe the lies our brains tell us.

Here are some examples

  • One cookie won't matter.

  • I will work out tomorrow.

  • It won't matter if I miss one day this week.

My favorite lie I used to tell myself was I will make it up somehow.

I will tell myself I would eat less tomorrow.


I will walk more on Saturday.

But I never did.

I call these little quits.

Every time you skip the gym,

eat the cookie


break your promise to yourself

you are practicing quitting.

They are little quits, but over time little quits add up.

The results: you quit altogether.

So how do you stop the little quits?

First, notice the sneaky little lies your brain tells you.

Two plan ahead for your brain to resist new routines.

Our brains don't like new things so prepare for that resistance.

Let's face it, sometimes, our brains act like toddlers who have just been woken up from their naps. They whine, complain, and don't want to do what is right for them.

Here is how to plan for it like this, Have the conversation with your self ahead of time.

Tomorrow, I am getting up and going to the gym.

I know I will not want to go.

I know I will not feel like going.

I know my brain will come up with 100 reasons to not go.

This is just what my brain does when I change my routine.

But I will keep the promise I have made to myself.

Do not negotiate with the toddler in your brain.

Write your goals down!

and hang them somewhere you can see them.

If you are struggling with setting or keeping your goals,

I can help!

I give away over three hours of coaching every week.

If you are interested in a free 20-minute session, go to my website and book an appointment.

Don't quit recommit!




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