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Four Secrets To Creating a Marriage That Can Lasts Forever

Four Secrets To Creating a Marriage That Can Last Forever

When we say our "I do's," the intention is for it to be until death do us part. Sadly, many couples are choosing to divorce rather than learning to stay together.

Creating a Christ-centered marriage that can stand firm through the trials of this world is possible. It takes work, developing communication skills, self-awareness, and spending time with the Holy Spirit.

Here are four secrets to creating a Kingdom marriage know.

Secret 1

Understand what matters most.

Kingdom-minded couples are not focused only on physical attraction and passion but concentrate on their like-minded values. They are not just interested in whether they like the same food or movies. They share the same values on parenting, money, and relationships, and a shared vision for their life.

Secret 2

Make time to go away and disconnect from the world to re-connect with each other.

Couples that take time to give their marriage an annual check-up and reflect on their marriage's direction increase connection and intimacy with their spouse. Also asking your spouse questions like the following:

  • "How are you doing?"

  • "Is your life going the direction you hoped?"

  • "What would you want to be different?"

  • "What are your current goals or dreams?"

Increasing communication gives each of you a sense of what you could do better and gives you ownership of your relationship.

Secret 3

Take responsibility

Taking responsibility means that you have the skill of relationship self-awareness. Own how you act within your relationship: don't blame your spouse or your circumstances for your behavior or feelings.

  • Are you aware of how you show up for your spouse?

  • Are you able to admit your shortcomings?

  • Do you know what your strengths are?

  • Do you know how to apologize?

Remember, we all fall short and need to ask for forgiveness, but owning your actions is a sign of being an emotionally mature adult. Blaming them on someone else is being an emotional child.

Secret 4

Understand that the Holy Spirit fills our love bank.

Happy couples understand that their spouse cannot ever complete them. We are all only complete in Christ Jesus.

I like to think of it in terms of a love bank. The Holy Spirit deposits love, grace, wisdom, joy, and peace into our accounts, and then in return, we have a portion that we can be generous and extend to others when needed.

It is our own responsibility to spend time with God so that we have enough love in our love bank to share with those around us.

Having expectations that your spouse is responsible for filling your love bank can lead to unwanted burdens placed on your spouse. Over time, these burdens can cause resentment and bitterness.

These are only a few tips on creating a happy, healthy, and heartfelt marriage. If you want more secrets, then join me in my 12-week relationship program. In the program, I teach you

  • Why and how to develop the necessary tools to coach yourself to have the marriage you've always wanted.

  • The four relationship tools you need to have in place to create connection, intimacy, and acceptance with your spouse.

  • The four cornerstones you must have in place to have love others and yourself.

  • I teach you how to uplevel your ability to have difficult conversations and develop listening skills so that you

  • We also discuss goals, money, and so much more.

If you are interested, book a free 20-minute session with me to answer any other questions you may have.

See you soon



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