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Defense Is The First Act Of War

Do you know that when discussions start to run hot that you don't need to convince them you didn't do anything wrong. When you try and build a case for your side of an argument, it might make you feel empowered, but more than likely, it will not change their mind. Instead, it will only make them try and build a more compelling argument than yours. If you want to "win" an argument, the way to do that is to put down the defenses and the offenses. Let everyone believe what they want to think. Sentences that end arguments sound like " I hear you." "You could be right." "I’m sorry you feel that way." Laying down your need to be right takes a great deal of courage. The kind of courage that is only developed by having a caring relationship with yourself- by loving yourself, respecting yourself, and appreciating yourself. When you respect yourself and feel confident about who you are lying down, your need to be right will be the next natural step. And you know how that feels? It feels like freedom. I can help you become this version of yourself to walk in freedom and be your best possible self in every circumstance. It starts with a free 20-minute session that will help you move towards the freedom you’re seeking. See you next week Roanna P.S. check out the video below to hear how a 20-minute session changed this client's life.


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