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Creating Joy

I have a question for you.

What brings you joy?

I remember The first time someone asked me that question.

I could not answer it. I had been a stay-at-home mom for so long that I had completely detached from the knowledge of what brought me joy.

I could have told you what brought my kids joy.

I could have told you what brought my husband joy

but somewhere between changing diapers and being a room mom, I lost touch with the things and the experiences that brought me joy.

I think this happens to so many of us moms. We get busy creating a home and helping our kids establish their life. We lose touch with who we are.

I also think that what brings us joy in our twenties is different than what brings us joy in our thirties and forties. As we evolve, we need to pay attention and learn to discover who we are becoming. If we don't, we become depleted and unhappy.

Joy is a feeling that we create in ourselves it blesses us and it is a blessing to those around us.

Creating joy takes time practice and awareness.

This week ask yourself, "what brings me joy?" Take notice of what you are thinking and feeling.

Make a list of the things that bring you joy, and then take time to implement them into your day.

Here are a few things on my joy list


Worship music


Knowing that God is watching over my family and me.

Reading the Palms


Fresh flowers

Organized cupboards and drawers

Doing something kind for someone else

Writing content for my clients

Teaching my clients

Spending time with friends

Finding something to laugh about

The sound of children laughing

Finding out what creates joy in you will help balance out the stress, frustration, and overwhelm that so many of us moms feel.

Be Blessed and Be A Blessing.

See you next week,



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