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Are Your Relationships Breaking Down?

Are Your Relationship Breaking Down?

What is a relationship?? I mean in its most simplistic form how would you describe a relationship to an alien?

Webster’s definition of relationship is this: The way in which two or more people are connected. But what is it that connects us?

By breaking it down even further you get this…

Our relationships are simply our thoughts about another person.

Here is yet another way to think about it…Your relationship with a person is dictated by your thoughts about them. And their relationship with you are all of their thoughts about you.

Yes, it’s true, beloved, and knowing this can be life changing for you!

Although you cannot ever change another person. You do have 100 percent control of what thoughts you choose to think.

Why are thoughts so important?

Your thoughts are the cause of all your feelings.

As a result, it’s those feelings will drive your actions.

I want you to think about someone you know who you probably have wonderful thoughts about them and wonderful feeling when you think about those thoughts. However, if you have negative feelings about someone then you have negative thoughts of them.

Need more proof? Consider the following hypothetical scenarios… Let’s say you meet someone and you’re interested in them. You think he’s cute and I would like to get to know him better. However, If I tell you that he is an accused rapist, then your feelings would most likely change. Right!! Why? Because now your thoughts about him are very different.

Next picture a friend that you love dearly, but someone else might not like her at all. Why? Your friend has not changed. It is because the other person has different thoughts, and their relationship with your friend depends on those thoughts.

Do you have a relationship you’re struggling with?

Want to know the secret to improve any relationship?

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Ephesians 4:2-3 and 4:32, Philippians 4:8


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