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Are You Stuck?

If you want to have a more purposeful life, stop looking for it and start doing it. Does it sound easier said than done? Read on to have a deeper understanding of what get's in your way.

The main obstacle is our primitive brain, which has thoughts like the following:

You will die.

You are not good enough.

Change is bad.

People won't like you.

Play it safe.

Stay with the status quo.

Risk is bad.

Don't rock the boat.

It's not your brain's fault.

It's wired for your survival.

However, our primitive brains have not evolved as fast as our environment.

Many of the "beware" thoughts it offers are outdated messages that will keep you spending night after night binge-watching and overeating.

It will keep you in a job you don't like for the sake of security or in a marriage of convenience.

If you want to overcome this obstacle, you must learn to coach yourself.

You must learn the skill set to manage your mind instead of letting your mind manage you.

You must learn to think on purpose.

That is how you create a life full of purpose.

Even though your brain can present obstacles to obtaining what you want, it is also your most significant asset when used correctly.

Our brains are problem-solving masterminds when they are directed to work for us and not against us.

If you start directing your mind with what you want to think and feel, then and only then, will you feel and act with more purpose?

Calling all DIYs!

Want to learn to coach yourself?

In just six short weeks you can learn how to

  • Ask yourself the questions that will get you unstuck.

  • Learn my proven six-step process to help you solve any problem.

  • Stop second-guessing your self.

  • Discover the beliefs that are holding you back.

  • Process your emotions properly to stop unwanted habits.

  • The process for accomplishing a goal.

If you are interested, click here to schedule a strategy session.

I will coach you on one problem you are currently having and answer all your questions about how I can help you teach you to coach yourself.


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