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Free Vent Session

Quit venting to your friends; If they knew how to help you, they already would.

Rapid Relationship Transformation 

12-week one-hour virtual sessions.


Start by booking a free 20- session with me so I can help you right now. Next, sign up with me and in the next 12 weeks Let me show you how you can have more peace, joy, and connection in your relationships. 

You don't need to spend years in therapy trying to understand yourself, your kids, or your husband.

You can begin to transform your relationships immediately.


Lose It For The Last Time


12 private virtual sessions.

Imagine, your life free from the desire to overeat. Free from the confusion of weight loss. Imagine, never having to diet ever again! It is possible and I can show you how to do it. 

I will give you the accountability and knowledge you need to lose weight for the very last time. 

My "Lose it for the Last Time" program is just that. There are no shakes, no packaged food, no pills, and no wraps. Wouldn't it be great to achieve victory over your weight loss issues once and for all?

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One Hour Session 

One hour virtual sessions on any topic you choose.