Work With Me

By offering a free 20-minute session, I am able to understand your needs and we can customized plans for your success.

Life Coaching 

6 Week Sessions Tailored

to the Individual Needs of Each Client 

Weight Loss

6 Week Session On 

How to Lose Weight for the Last Time

 Some of the benefits my client's experience are:

  •    More energy emotional, mentally, and physically. 

  •    Build better relationships

  •    Have more clarity, peace, and joy.

  •    Have the self-confidence they are lacking. 


My "Lose it for the Last Time" program is just that. I struggled with my weight for years until I learned this common-sense plan that I will walk you through. There are no shakes, no packaged food, no pills, and no wraps. Wouldn't it be great to achieve victory over your weight loss issues once and for all?

"Thanks to Roanna Rhodes, I've learned how to constrain. I was creating confusion in my life by wanting to do everything at the same time and at once and she gently showed me how to make my life more simple. In fact, she helped me see I was indulging in overwhelm when it was completely unnecessary. So instead of feeling scattered and not achieving anything valuable in my life, I decided to get the results I most wanted. To do that I just needed to decide that I would take one step at a time. Thus I focused on one goal and gave it my all. 

I really liked the way Roanna paid attention to what I wanted and what I was saying, but never in a judgmental way. She was 100% dedicated to me during our sessions together. 

I also liked how creative she was when teaching me about various concepts.​

Thank you Roanna!" 

-Nadege S.

Several months ago, I attended a vision board workshop with Roanna, and I expected to have a nice time while making a collage of anything and everything that interested me. At least that was how I had made vision boards in the past. But instead of just passing out magazines and scissors, Roanna started the workshop with goal setting. She had us write SMART goals and actually come up with specific aims to depict on our vision boards. Rather than holding a smattering of random nice images, my board spoke directly to one of my most important goals, and because we had begun with planning, it was based on actions that could help me achieve it. 
Well, I’m writing this testimonial from France, which is exactly where my vision board led me. Honing in on specific goals before beginning the process made it clear what I really wanted. And I also did have a nice time at that workshop!
-Cary W.